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Amazon has become one of the most successful online retailers in the world, and with its ever increasing popularity comes from its ability to drive huge traffic to your websites, increase sales, and make you millions of dollars in commissions each year. Because of this, it is very important to understand how to best advertise your products through Amazon. Amazon has very specific image requirements for all its 45 different product categories, making it very easy to have overwhelmed.

In fact, at Products On White, we have learned some very useful tips on Amazon product photo size requirements, because we receive thousands of Amazon images every month. Here are a few of the top three image requirements for Amazon listings, in order to maximize your exposure for customers to Amazon.

Maximum Resolution: Amazon requires images to be no smaller than 800 pixels on each side and no larger than one-megapixel (MP). If your pictures are too large or too small you can lose image quality. A good rule of thumb is that if you would print out the picture on paper and cut a piece off the back side that would fit inside of the Amazon standard sizes, then your photo must be between eight and nine thousand pixels on the left side and about two thousand to three thousand pixels on the right side. Amazon will reject pictures that are over one megapixel or under five hundred pixels on either side. Using these maximum dimensions will help to ensure that your customers see your products as they would when actually viewing them in person.

Minimum Resolution: Amazon requires images to be no smaller than 400 pixels on each side and no larger than five hundred pixels. If your picture is too large or too small, your customer will not see the full product image when they are looking at your product online. You want your customer to look directly at the Amazon product when they are viewing an Amazon listing. If you think your images are too large, you can try increasing the Amazon minimum resolution settings.

Amazon Best Image Size For All Amazon Products: Because Amazon has several different image sizes, it’s critical to consider using the right one for your Amazon listing. When you use the best Amazon listing image for your product, you will get the highest Amazon image size for your listing. and a large percentage of your customer base will see the full Amazon image.

To determine the Amazon image size for your product, you can use the Amazon product photo search feature. by entering the specific product name, the Amazon product category, and the image size you wish your Amazon image to appear on the Amazon page.

Your Amazon listing will provide you with the Amazon product image size requirements for each category. Use the best image size for all Amazon product images. In addition, you may also want to check the “display image” for each category to ensure that you’re getting the best Amazon photo size for your listing. After you have found the Amazon item photo size for your Amazon listing, you can use it for the Amazon product photo description, Amazon product photo’s description, and for your Amazon product description link to help customers find your product.

The Amazon image size requirements will allow you to reach more people for your advertising campaign with the best Amazon image size for your listing, helping you increase sales. and create a better customer experience on Amazon. Using Amazon image size requirements will help to make your Amazon listing stand out from the competition.


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