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You may have read about how to get an ISBN number from ASIN databases. But how do you know which one is the best? How do you determine if it is an effective resource for the type of books that you want to publish?

Let’s start with Barcode Upc, a relatively new ASIN database that offers both electronic and physical formats. It offers ISBN numbers in paper or electronic format (ASCII barcodes) as well as in computer formats (PCI barcodes).

Barcode Upc is convenient because it will only require a few minutes of the user’s time to enter the author’s name, publisher and book title. You can then go through and look for ISBNs by the ISBN number or by category.

Barcode Upc also displays relevant data such as publisher, imprint, ISBN and publication year. This will help you quickly locate an ISBN for a specific book.

Barcode Upc offers links to the websites of the publishers or imprints that offer electronic ISBNs. If you are interested in an upcoming release, you can check the website of the publisher to see what the information is available.

Barcode Upc is quite easy to use, but it does not offer other features such as book ratings and reviews. In addition, some sites offer information in a more interactive way, such as allowing you to submit a review of the book.’s ASIN database, however, has a number of tools that are similar to those of Barcode Upc. The only difference is that it only provides an ISBN number in a proprietary format (PCI). You cannot use ASIN’s database to determine whether a certain publication is out of print or not.

With, you will be able to find an ISBN for a publishing book online in seconds, as opposed to hours for Barcode Upc. You can also find an ISBN by category or price range and search by ISBN number.

Amazon offers three categories for ISBN search: General Catalogs, Academic and Specialty Publications. General Catalogs includes anything from new and discontinued titles to classic novels and poems to a particular band’s back catalog.

Academic and Specialty Publications includes the classics as well as contemporary nonfiction books as well as articles on a variety of subjects. The third category, known as Academic and Specialty Publications, includes books only sold by universities or colleges.

Amazon also offers some very useful features, such as syncing your searches so that you can conveniently find ISBNs related to a certain genre. You can also subscribe to a subscription email list and be alerted when a new publication has its ISBN number available.

Barcode Upc and both offer excellent resources for finding an ISBN for books. But if you want something more comprehensive, you might want to consider using an online database like


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