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We have got to admit that JumpSend is pretty clever. They have a free mobile device application, which connects to your cell phone via Bluetooth. When you press the button in your cell phone’s Bluetooth settings, it initiates the WiFi connectivity between the device and the server of the JumpSend server, through your cell phone’s Internet connection.

Of course, this is the same free service they offer their paid clients. As it is now, it does not offer much more than basic messaging, though one can call other people and even look at other contact information. It can send files and can send messages.

You can actually send ’em to your friends by way of your cell phone. One can add friends to the device that you are using. This then creates a virtual contact for you, which you can access through the cell phone’s browser.

What we need to know first, however, is that JumpSend is essentially a tool that connects to the Internet and has a lot of other key features. In fact, there are several other features that set this application apart from its competitors.

First, we get to see the user friend’s data online. We can see his favorite films, his favorite photos, and what he likes to do on a particular day.

Second, we get to share pictures and video clips with our friends and loved ones. And third, this special application also allows you to send ’em to other people via email, or even to send them files online.

We can also see our ‘friend’ sharing our photos and videos on social media sites, where one can watch his or her own images and share them online. The application also allows one to share it via Twitter.

But the question is whether or not one can actually save one’s money by availing of this service through the Android mobile platform. With the high prices of a mobile phone nowadays, it is sometimes hard to come up with the funds for buying one. Fortunately, with the fast advancements in the technology industry, this application enables one to get connected to the world and at the same time save a lot of money.

JumpSend costs $29 per month, so we cannot really say that it is really economical. But this does not mean that we should opt out of the application completely, because we still get the same quality and reliability that we have come to love with the paid version.

Even though we have taken the extra security and protection, we will still be able to surf the web and send emails without worrying about being hacked. As an added benefit, we can also use our own free SMS-messaging service with the app to interact with our loved ones while we are on the move.

When the free internet messages expire, we are still able to view the online activity of our friends and family members, so we can always keep an eye on the things that they are doing. This is how we can make sure that the two of us still remain on the same page and continue to communicate with each other.

We would also like to take note that when the internet activity is reset, we are able to download all the previous data again. So the next time we re-set our subscriptions, all the previous data will be downloaded again.


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