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Viral Launch: a rather unknown practice that require heavy marketing inputs, but is by far the most cost effective way to market any product. The term Viral Launch can also refer to other modes of promotional methods such as viral advertising, viral content and viral software downloads. In this article we will discuss a new, relatively unexplored form of viral marketing, called Viral Launch Cost Analysis (VLCA).

Viral Launch Cost Analysis is an ongoing study that focuses on the value of different Viral Launch Cost (VLCL) variables and their impact on promoting products via viral promotion. By doing so we get to realize the hidden costs associated with Viral Launch campaigns that don’t surface during a detailed look at the product launch strategy.

When this particular study was started it was only supposed to be a quick review of the research that has been done in this area for some time, but, well, I didn’t finish it. I had some ideas of how it would go, but the need to have the final say has been looming for some time, so I just went ahead and got it completed before the deadline.

The process for Viral Launch Cost Analysis was simple enough. Just check off each one of the 10 Viral Launch Cost Constituents that were to be evaluated.

Just like any other study, the analysis of this formula will need to be done in many variations of the different variables. However, each of these variations will bring a unique perspective on the analysis.

It’s important to remember that what may have worked one year ago, may not be the same today, because we’re now in a completely different time frame. So, by keeping all of these variances in mind, we can gather information that can give us better knowledge about the different factors that can affect the value of the various elements of Viral Launch Cost.

For example, we’ll now be dealing with a much more competitive market than ever before. We have thousands of competing programs vying for your business and with millions of online users generating endless links and web traffic, any traditional marketing can quickly become obsolete.

Also, we’re going to be needing to promote the product in a wide variety of ways, which makes it more difficult than ever. Therefore, it’s important to know exactly how much each of the variables contribute to Viral Launch Cost.

Therefore, we can use the VLCA as a great starting point in our Viral Launch Product Discovery. If we can analyze the VLCA, we can then quickly identify the least costly ways to launch our product.

Of course, we can also develop a correlation between the VLCA and other methods, but the VLCA is also a great tool in identifying the various components that make up Viral Launch Cost. This in turn allows us to create a quality marketing plan and is also used by many to gauge their progress.

You can also determine the overall approach to marketing your product, by determining the total number of dollars spent versus the total number of sales made. If a percentage of the overall marketing budget is being allocated to other marketing efforts that do not include the product, then this shows you where your time is best spent.

By using Viral Launch Packages, or the custom Viral Launch Cost Products you designed, you can immediately begin to work to discover how much your marketing campaign is costing you, without having to re-evaluate the entire process from scratch. Thus, you are able to increase the visibility of your product and free yourself from having to track anything other than the specific marketing strategy that is currently in place.


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